Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is behind this? The MaXX Interactive Desktop, also known as MaXX Desktop, is an all volunteer effort led by Eric Masson  as described in our About_Us page. 2. Does SGI know you are ripping off their UI? Not only do SGI knows, but we provide the MaXX Interactive Desktop under a special  license from SGI, Inc. as described in our License page. 3. What license is the MaXX Desktop released under? MaXX is a mix of proprietary, free ware and open source licenses such as the BSD license, GPL, LGPL, MIT and the Open Motif licenses. 4. Proprietary? Yes, because of the license agreement with SGI, Inc and the personal preferences of the project. However, MaXX Desktop Community Edition is free as a beer. However, there is a commercial version with support available through special request channel. This version provides a complete desktop experience, optimizations for production grade applications, a special Linux kernel optimizationa for maximum performance and responsiveness, OpenCL/CUDA for GPU computing and a comprehensive system monitoring and management system. 5. What systems does the MaXX Desktop run on? Linux on  x86_64 and IA-64. 6. How about FreeBSD, Solaris, etc? Our license is only for Linux x86_64 and IA-64. 7. What distributions are supported? Debian 8+, Ubuntu 16+, Fedora 25+, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7/CentOS 7 8. What about Slackware, Gentoo, etc... These are unsupported due to a lack of manpower. If you'd like to volunteer to help and test MaXX Desktop on these or other distributions, let us know. See the how to contact us.