Who We Are - What We Stand For

Yes the MaXX Interactive Desktop is the little brother of the great SGI Desktop found on IRIX systems! The MaXX Interactive Desktop a.k.a. The MaXX Desktop is the continuation of the 5dwm.org implementation released many years back.  So don't be mistaken, there is only one implementation of the SGI Desktop on Linux. Our goal is to bring to the masses this great user experience which focus on performance, stability and productivity.  The MaXX Desktop is available in two versions, the free Community Edition (CE) which provides basic SGI Desktop experience and the commercially available Professional Edition (PE) that comes with support, CPU and GPU specific optimizations and a full SGI Desktop experience.  The MaXX Desktop PE is excellent for SGI customers using both IRIX and Linux platforms or for power users using pro applications. So there is no surprise here, the MaXX Desktop is a highly tuned Workstation Environment for the Linux x86_64 and ia64 platforms.  Multi-core processing, NVidia GPU specific optimizations are among the things that makes the MaXX Desktop so fast, light-weight and stable. We believe in a High Performance Desktop Environment that provides the right set of tools to maximize creativity and productivity without hugging your system resources. MaXX Desktop's typical users are: CG Artists, Motion Pictures and Special Effects Studios, Game Developers, Visualization/Simulation, Virtual Reality power-users and Oil and Gas to name a few. Finally, our team all shares the same vision of making use of the right set of technologies and using industry proven best practices and guide lines to build the right software, and right on the first time! The MaXX Desktop team